Intersect Healthcare + Denial Research Group

A.J. Hall

AppealMasters employs a proactive approach to denial management resulting in improved cash flow, increased net revenues, and fewer compliance concerns for your facility. Our team of medical necessity, documentation and coding review experts serve by specialty to provide the most comprehensive evidence to support specific appeals and save your facility valuable resources. Effective denial management demands a committed team approach, and our AppealMasters team stands ready to provide your facility with the necessary tools and expert education to construct a winning appeals defense. As healthcare’s most advanced Denial Management technology, VERACITY™ gives providers the upper-hand in the fight for their revenue. It is a comprehensive solution that organizes and oversees all payer denials, audits and appeals, while providing cutting-edge tools for detecting revenue integrity concerns and compliance issues. From the robust data-mine and customizable workflows, to the payer intelligence, library of Evidence Based Guidelines and proven appeal templates, VERACITY™ remains the industry Gold-Standard for recovering and protecting hospital revenue.