Award Nominations- The nomination period open now - March 1, 2020.

Nominate an HIM Professional

Do you know an outstanding Health Information Management professional who deserves recognition? If so, please take a moment to NOMINATE that special person for an IHIMA Achievement Award.

The following awards are offered to the IHIMA membership. Award recipients will be honored during the recognition luncheon at the IHIMA Annual Meeting.


Distinguished Member Award

As IHIMA’s highest honor, this award has been established to recognize a member of our Association who has demonstrated, throughout their career, exceptional service and leadership to IHIMA.

Professional Achievement Award

This award is designed to recognize outstanding achievements and leadership in a specialized area of our profession, or to recognize an individual who exemplifies excellence in Health Information Management by bringing credit to the Association and our professional community. Criteria for selection includes any of the following:

  • Publication(s) in a recognized professional textbook or journal;
  • Presentation or publication of research findings related to a HIM initiative;
  • Recognized as a resource person through consultation to others in the HIM field;
  • Presentation of HIM-related topics at seminars, etc.;
  • Development or refinement of a professional theory or technique related to HIM;
  • Participation in clinical/professional education of HIM students.


  • Credentialed member in good standing with IHIMA.
  • If retired, credentialed member must have been in good standing upon retirement.

Nomination Guidelines

  • Nominator will submit a narrative summary explaining why the nominee should receive the award
  • Nominator will upload the nominee’s resume and 3 reference letters

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award recognizes and encourages the best of the fresh new talent being trained in health information administration or health information technology degree-granting programs in the state of Indiana. It honors a gifted student or promising new professional who embodies great hope as we look to the future of the HIM profession.


  • a) students enrolled at the time of nomination in a CAHIIM accredited HIA or HIT degree program in the state of Indiana, or
  • b) students that have graduated from a CAHIIM accredited HIA or HIT degree program in the state of Indiana in the last 3 months; or
  • c) HIM professionals who have been credentialed within the last seven years. Nominees should be an active IHIMA member or student member. Nominees must demonstrate significant potential for future leadership, innovation, creativity, and administrative capacity.

Potential sources for nominees include the following: CAHIIM accredited HIA degree program enrolled students in the state of Indiana, CAHIIM accredited HIT degree program enrolled students in the state of Indiana, newly graduated HIA and/ or HIT students, HIM credentialed professionals who have distinguished themselves as leaders, Fellows, State Leaders (Indiana) and ACE members.

Rising Star Award Nomination Guidelines

  • Willingness to change tradition, take risks, think critically and to lead others in these processes
  • Exceptional problem-solving ability with the capacity to envision the “big picture” in health information management and to make decisions accordingly
  • Demonstrates excellence in the management of personnel, finances, or information systems
  • Demonstrates commitment to the HIM profession through active participation in the state of Indiana, including regional level HIM activities-especially those that promote HIM education
  • Supports the mission and vision of IHIMA by helping to promote HIM professionals by advancing best practices through education, professional development, leadership, advocacy, and communication
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