Your Future in Health Information Management

Are you searching for the formula to a successful career? Whether you’re just starting the journey or well on the path of a successful Health Information Management (HIM) professional career, American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) certification in health information management, coding, healthcare privacy and security, or health data analysis is your guide to career enhancement, increased salary, and greater professional success. AHIMA credentials are earned through a challenging program of examinations, education, and experience, and maintained through continuous review and education.

Healthcare employers recognize that AHIMA-certified professionals have a robust education and an ongoing commitment to staying relevant in a complex and evolving industry.  AHIMA-certified professionals perform diverse roles in healthcare and are employed in a wide variety of work settings including hospitals, physician offices, ambulatory care facilities, managed care facilities, long-term care facilities, consulting firms, information system vendors, colleges and universities, insurance providers, pharmaceutical companies, rehabilitation centers, and other healthcare-related venues.
For complete details about certification, types of credentials, exam resources, and recertification, visit the AHIMA Certification webpage.