IHIMA Release of Information Guide

The 2013 Release of Information Guide has been compiled by IHIMA in conjunction with Hall, Render, Killian, Heath and Lyman.

This manual is available for download only. Due to federal copyright law, it is illegal to make copies of this manual without the expressed written consent of the owner IHIMA.

Questions? Contact IHIMA Central Office at [email protected].

About the Publication

Chapters Include:

  • Courts and Jurisdiction
  • Types of Law
  • Production of Medical Records in Legal Proceedings
  • Use of Medical Records When Testifying
  • Release of Information Required by Statute
  • Heightened Confidentiality – Special Types of Information
  • Mental Health Records
  • Release of Information Pursuant to Authorization
  • Policies Governing Release of Information
  • Retention of Medical Records
  • The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996

Appendices Include: (1-44)

The 2013 IHIMA Release of Information Guide has been thoroughly updated, in its entirety, from the previous 2008 edition.

Note: The 2013 IHIMA Release of Information Guide is considered to be a general reference to assist health information management professionals with legal issues regarding disclosure of health information. It is NOT intended for legal advice.


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